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Lake has long been at the forefront of networked audio devices, with the Lake Contour being one of the First Ethernet controlled audio processors. We were also one of the first manufacturers to license Audinate's Dante digital audio networking protocol – with the award-winning PLM Series in 2007 being the second product with Dante, now an industry standard for professional audio-over-Ethernet. The Lake LM Series is fully compatible with other compatible Lake devices such as the PLM, PLM+, D Series Lake and Yamaha MY8-Lake with precision control in Lake Controller, which can group all different Lake products, create system files which are easy to recall to come back to a known state for a complete system. The LM Series also integrates perfectly the Dante Controller. They feature two Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be configured either in Switch mode, making it possible to daisy chain and control multiple LM or Lake devices without any need for an external switch - or be set to Dual Redundancy making it possible to transmit and receive Dante audio over two different networks where if one source goes down, the device will seamlessly switch to the other network without any audio interruption.